Telephone phone number annual subscription charges.

All numbers have an annual subscription charge starting at £20 per year going down to £6 per year if you have a lot of numbers (paid annually in advance).

Some numbers which are easy to remember have a 1 off memorable number charge in addition to the low annual fee. Most customers buy standard numbers which do not have a 1 off memorable number charges.

Phone number subscriptions are for numbers to be used on the NodeMax Voice network. We do not supply numbers for you to port to another provider.

Memorable Number Charge

All numbers have a one off memorable number charge. 

  • Bronze £0
  • Silver £75
  • Gold £150
  • Platinum £595

Each number has a small annual charge.

Annual Charge

All numbers have an annual charge, the more numbers you have in your account the  lower the annual charge. (annual charges payable in advance)

  • 1 to 5 = £20 per year
  • 6 to 10 = £15 per year
  • 11 to 20 = £10 per year
  • 20+ = £6 per year

Call Forwarding

Call charges apply for all calls for each transfer to a chargeable destination.

  • Call forward to UK landline starting 01 & 02 are 2 pence per minute
  • Call Transfer to UK mobile 10 pence per minute
  • The minimum call cost is 1 penny

All other pricing upon request, all pricing plus VAT.

Call features

When you take a phone service you get some call features included such as simple call divert (call charges still apply).

To get increased functionality upgrade to more advanced call features which are available in monthly packages, the higher the package the more features you get. If you do a lot of monthly calls, a monthly package is lower cost compared to Pay As You Go Call Features.

Some features are not available as a Pay As You Go service such as Call Recording.  Call Features Pricing can be found below:

Call Features included are:

  • Transfer to landline
  • Sequential Transfer
  • Basic time of day
  • Standard call analytics
  • 24 Hour Network Monitoring
  • Voice Mail
  • Pay as You Go Calls (Charges apply)

VoIP User Charges

We charge £3 per month per VoIP user (Single line).

Call charges apply outbound from the VoIP user desk or soft phone.

You can choose from un-encrypted or secure encryped calls.

You can use an approved soft or desk phone to receive and make calls.

We only provide support for approved software and deskphones and are not able to guarentee all VOIP phones will work and as such are unable to provide support on un-approved equipment.

Multi lines are chargeable at £3 per month per month.

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