Examples of Bespoke IVR Scripts

IVR Scripts vary on complexity depending on your requrements. They can become very complex but the beauty of the NodeMax Drag & Drop IVR builder is it is visual and logical so in effect simplifies what is a complex process visually.

You literally THINK, DRAW, CLICK to PUBLISH, its that simple.

We have provided IVR scripts for hundreds of businesses, from SME's to ftsee 100 companies. From the largest 2 high street retail companies in the UK to run customer surveys to one of the largest security companies to log-on log-off 4000 securty guards daily using IVR rather than call centre workers.

IVR automation saves money on staffing and resources and is available 24/7. 

Partial IVR Script  Complex Logic

The logic on this script is complex, it allows security guards to call every 15 minutes while on site, log-on and log-off every day every 15 minutes, the IVR calls stored procedures and decides whether guard has called early or late. The script allows the guard the ability to loop round and log other guards on the same call. This script replaced call centre workers and logs 4000 security guards on and off every day and has been running since 2010.

Complex Example

The following script demonstrates how complex IVR scripts can be if not visualed in a manner that is not complex, the NodeMax IVR builder visualises as pure logic so in effect simple to understand by anyone irrespective of a technical understanding.

The benefit of pure logic & visualisation is the complexity ends as irrelevant.

Complex IVR Script made simple in the NodeMax IVR Builder

Partial IVR Script  Average Complexity

This IVR script is to take payments for customer service over the phone and allows that the client to talk to the agent for a pre detemined amount of time, it then loops back round and asks them to pay again or hang up. This only shows 50% of the script.

Very Simple IVR Script

A very typical IVR script which takes minutes to write while drinking coffee, THINK, DRAW, CLICK to publish

Complex IVR Script MS SQL SP Based Backend

Complex logic back end, fairly complex flow.

Run IVR Scripts on Outbound Calls

This script was writen to make bookings on outbound calls rather than run the IVR on the inbound.

Drag & Drop IVR

Hosted Interactive Response (IVR)