How long does it take to set up a number?

  Once you've ordered your number, you will receive a login to the Control Panel.  Simply log into your Control Panel and set your number up, all within a matter of minutes  


Low Annual Charges

  When you order a number or numbers you pay the annual charge in advance for each number at time of order either via Paypal, card payment or bank transfer.

The more numbers you have in your account the lower the annual charge starting from £6 per year to £20 per year. Low Annual Pricing   

One Off Memorable Number Charges

  Bronze numbers do not have a memorable number charge so all you pay is the low annual re-occuring charge per number. Memorable numbers which are easy to remeber such as taxi number have a one off memorable number charge the memoerbale number charge can be found here. Memorable Number charges  


Is There a Charge Per Call?

   Calls come into our network and we forward those calls to a landline, mobile or VoIP phone. Charges apply to all destinations other than VoIP destinations.

There is a minimun call cost of 1 pence and the calls are charged per second.  This means you pay for the length of time you spend on the call.  You will have to pre-pay by adding topup to your account in order to divert the calls.

Call costs to UK landline starting 01 & 02 are charged at 2 pence per minute and to UK mobile 10 pence per minute on Pay As You, we do not expire your call credit which can be used against all your numbers  within your account. Call packages are available which reduce call carges with a low monthly commitment  


Topping Up Your Account

  You can top up your account using Paypal, secure card payments or bank transfer, if your account goes to zero or below no further calls will be forwarded to your destination

until you top up, if you top up using bank transfer please allow 24 hours for it to go on your account after we have received the funds   

Auto Top Up

  Our system can auto top up your account when the balance hits £10, you need to provide stored payment details the minimun auto topu is £60, this saves you worrying about the balance on your account and illiminates the risk of running our of calll credit and the calls stopping  

What is the Minimum Top-up?


  The minimum call credit that can be added is £30 including VAT. If we receive a top-up via bank transfer for less than £30 an admin charge of £5 is added  

Do I need call credit for each number or is it spread across my numbers?


  Call credit is spread across your account so it covers all your numbers.  So whether you have 1 or 1000 numbers, you will only need one lot of credit   

How do I add call credit to my account?

 You simply log into your Control Panel to add call credit.  We can also hold payment details for you so that you can be on Automated Topup if you wish. 

We top up the account when your credit gets below £10   

Do I get notified when my call credit runs low?

 You will receive an email when your credit falls below £10.  This email will be sent every day until you topup again. We can also send you an SMS   

What if I forget to topup and run out of call credit?

  If your balance goes to zero or below, your numbers will not be diverted until you top up again.  However, if you are in the middle of call when the credit runs out, we will not disconnect you on that call, however, you will not have any further calls diverted    


Can I See the Amount of Calls that I Receive Per Number?

  You have Call Analytics in th econtrol panel.  It will show you number by number how many calls are received on each number.  You can view by date and it will also show you which calls were answered or unanswered. 

When you view your call analytics, the see two call records per call, that is because this is call forwarding so you see calls into our network and then calls forwarded to your destination such as a UK landline, UK mobile or VoIP end point.   


If I want to change the number I divert to, how long will this take?

Changes are instant, whether changing the forwarding number or time of day etc.   You can change the forwarding number as often as you like.


Can I forward my calls to more than one number?

Yes we provide a Hunt Group facility which allows you to set up more than one number to forward to.

What if I no longer need my number?

You simply do not need to top it up any more and we will set the number to no divert.  However, if you do not use the number for more than 3 months, it will be deleted from your account and added back into our pool of numbers for sale.

Can I move a number to you from another provider?

We can port numbers in.  We do not charge a porting in fee only the annual fee in advance Annual Charges.  SIngle line porting should take 7 days however it could take slightly longer depending on the other carrier.

Can I use my Topup Balance to Pay for Annual Number Renewals

No, the Top up balance which is in GBP is a a product paid for in advance and is not a positive balance in our accouting system. It's a balance on the telecoms switches against your client id which can be used for call transfer and call features and can not be used to contra against any other charegs or services. The topup has no redeemable cash amount.

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